Some traditions are here to stay no matter how outdated or out of place they seem at a time when the instant gratification brought by modern technology seems to make people less patient, and everything seems like it has become as fast-paced as merely pushing a button. Traditions like seeking permission from the parents to marry their daughter should never go out of style.

You can either ask for permission with your beloved by your side or do it alone to later surprise her with the proposal. If your intention is the latter, then let these tips aid you in coming up with a marriage proposal neither of you will want to forget.


Be Creative

Wedding proposals are unforgettable and meaningful. Make your beloved feel the depth of your love by making it extra special for her. You can’t be creative without proper research and planning. No matter how outrageous the idea you have in your head, it all boils down to how you can execute it. Just make sure that the plan is doable. Also, you have to consider what your woman likes, if she has allergies to a certain food or any phobias. If she has motion sickness, then don’t propose at an amusement park. Bring her somewhere she would absolutely love.

Getting That Perfect Engagement Ring

Before going through several options of diamond wedding ring designs, you should first choose the engagement ring that will help you get a “yes” from your loved one. You can check out local stores or even online shops, which is more convenient.

Unsure what ring will make your girlfriend agree to a lifetime commitment with you? If you have no idea what your beloved likes and have no way of knowing, then it is better to just spoil the surprise and take her with you. Let her choose the ring herself, rather than giving her a ring that she probably would not like. Yes, it is the thought that counts and the gesture is very romantic. Still, she will be keeping and probably be wearing that ring for the rest of her life so better get her one she loves looking at and one that will fit her personality.

You also have to keep in mind the amount of money you have set aside for the ring. You wouldn’t want to spend way beyond the budget. There will be other expenses you have to make for the wedding as well as for your life together.


When & Where To Propose

Choose an approach. Do you want to completely take her by surprise? Although you probably might get a no when she’s in a bad mood, your proposal might shock her and even make her feel a thousand times better.

If you want to be sure she would be giving you a “yes”, then pay close attention to her mood. This would also mean that planning would be harder for you as you might have to postpone the proposal, depending on her mood. You can also time the proposal along with a special event in your relationship such as an anniversary, or take her to a place that means much to both of you.


Involve Loved Ones

While the proposal is better private and just between the two of you, surprising her in front of her family and friends will make it more memorable. A better idea is letting her loved ones take part in the surprise. This will not only stop them from divulging information to your beloved, it will also make them more determined in ensuring the surprise will go smoothly as planned. Seeing the effort you’ve put up for your proposal, your beloved will feel treasured and will say “yes” to a lifetime with you.

With these tips, you will be able to win your woman’s hand the traditional way. It will be a memory you both will cherish for the rest of your lives.

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  1. That’s really a nice guide and observing the girl’s mood is good 🙂 I have heard about some friends’ proposals and have see some, and have had too, and some are so romantic! Hope you have a very lovely weekend!

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