Balayage Hair – The Hair Trend That Is Is Here To Stay

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Balayage hair is a hair trend that we are sure is definitely here to stay because it’s been popular since 2014 and a whole lot of people are getting in on this hair trend and so we are confident it’s going to be hot in 2022.

This hair color trend involves using the hands to apply the hair dye or lightener. Balayage is a French word that means “to sweep”. This describes the technique in which the hair dye is applied. Your hairstylist will put the dye in their palm and apply it to your hair starting at the midshaft and working down to the ends.

Although the technique sounds simple to do. It isn’t something we’ll suggest you try at home, as it requires a lot of precision. Unlike highlights, there is no use of foils to ensure that the color doesn’t get in other parts of the hair. So you can easily mess it up if you attempt it at home.

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One great thing about balayage hair is that it doesn’t matter what hair color you have, you can try the look. Your hairstylist will use a hair dye that is shades lighter than your natural hair color, and due to the mode of application, the result is a natural sun-kissed look. Much like what your hair would look like if you have been in the sun for a long time.

How is balayage done?

Again this process is best left for a professional hairstylist. But you can feel free to let them know what you like and how you will like your hair to look in the end, that way your hairstylist will bleach parts of your hair to simulate the way the sun naturally lightens the hair.

One thing about the balayage hair is that it is lighter towards the roots of the hair and gets denser towards the ends of your hair. Because balayage usually begins midshaft, the base of your hair maintains the same color, so grow-outs aren’t noticeable like when you go for highlights. This means that you can have your balayage hair for months without needing to go to the stylist for touch-ups.

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Maintenance tips to keep your balayage hair healthy

Balayage hair lasts really long and you may not need to visit the salon for a long time. But in order for your hair to be healthy and look good, you still need proper hair maintenance.

Regularly use a hydrating hair mask for your hair to keep its lustre and protect the lightened strokes. Over time, if you start to see brassy tones or red and orange tones in your balayage hair, try purple shampoo to neutralize it and get back that sun-kissed look.

See below for more balayage hairstyle ideas.

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