Benefits Of Dry Brushing For The Skin

Dry brushing is a technique for exfoliating your skin gently using a firm-bristled brush. This practice is used by some people to get rid of dry skin flaking.

Dry brushing improves blood flow to specific parts of the body. Dry brushing is a skin-smoothing technique that offers numerous advantages.

Brushing is something we can’t avoid doing during our everyday routine. Whether its teeth brushing, hair brushing, or skin brushing, we brush every day.

Now one might ask, “why would you want to brush your skin?” Well, this post will be of great assistance to you if you are wondering why skin brushing is a thing.

This skincare method has recently gained a lot of popularity. As a result of its popularity, it has found its way onto the menus of numerous hotel spas. Incorporating dry brushing into your skincare routine is a fantastic idea. Dry brushing maintains the skin’s radiance and hydration.

How to dry brush your skin

How to dry brush your skin

Dry brushing is best done before showering. You can do this once every day before you take your bath. This will help remove dry skin. It takes very little time. You’ll be done in a matter of minutes. But it is not just about scrubbing your body with a brush. There’s a way to do it right.

But before you start brushing your skin, note that dry brushing is not for everyone. If you have certain skin conditions, then it is critical that you do not dry brush your skin until your skin is healed. Conditions like eczema, skin rashes, psoriasis, sunburn and even wounds on the skin. Wait until your skin is healed before you try dry brushing.

1. Use the right tool

You have to make sure you are brushing your skin with the right brush. The right brush shouldn’t be too harsh for your skin. So find a brush with bristles that are medium-soft for your skin. Don’t go for stiff bristles. Some brushes come with handles but others don’t. Either of them is cool, so long as the bristles feel right on your skin. The only thing is that, the brushes with handles make it easier to reach certain parts of the body, like the back.

2. Make sure your skin is dry

Before dry brushing the skin you have to make sure that the skin is completely dry. This means that you can’t dry brush after exercising when you are sweating.

3. Start at your feet

I know it might be tempting to start with your hands but it is important that you start dry brushing from your feet, preferably the ankle. So start at your feet and work your way up to the heart. Brush in a circular motion with little upward strokes.

When you get to your stomach, brush in a clockwise direction. Remember not to brush the same region more than twice, to prevent irritation. Brushing the same part too much can cause the skin to irritate.

When you get to the upper body, start with the hands. And work your way up. Be gentle with your upper arm when dry brushing and work your way to the neck. The neck is also a very sensitive and delicate part of the body, so brush the neck with care.

How to take care of your brush after dry brushing

How to take care of your brush after dry brushing

After dry brushing your skin you need to ensure you are taking proper care of your brush. You can wash the brush with soap and water and leave it to dry completely.

You can also use some rubbing alcohol to clean the brush and leave it to dry. Always make sure the brush is dry. Leaving your brush in wet conditions can encourage the growth of mold and bacteria on the brush, so make sure to completely dry the brush after washing.

Also, it is not advisable to share your brush for dry brushing with others. It should be solely for you, just like your tooth brush and bathing sponge.

Benefits of dry brushing for the skin

Benefits of dry brushing for the skin

Lymphatic drainage

This is one of the advantages of dry skin brushing. Dry brushing not only softens and glows your skin but also promotes lymphatic drainage. Lymph vessels make up the lymphatic system. These lymph veins run just beneath the surface of the skin. Dry brushing aids in the faster pumping of blood over the skin and through the lymph veins.

Softens and smoothens the skin

It helps to enhance the appearance of sun-damaged skin. It also aids in the elimination of dead skin cells from the epidermis. making the skin smooth and feel soft Dry brushing has the added benefit of bringing out the natural beauty and color of your skin.

Helps with exfoliation

Dry brushing is best for exfoliating your skin. It aids in the removal of debris, oil, and dead skin cells from your skin’s top layer. This results in radiant and glowing skin.

It’s energizing

Dry brushing your skin doesn’t just feel good, it can also be very energizing. Spending a few minutes in the morning before taking your bath can make you feel refreshed and energized for the rest of the day.

Risks and drawbacks

Can cause irritation

Dry brushing can irritate the skin. So you have to be gentle when brushing the skin. Brush firmly, not too harsh, just firm enough. And do not brush the same area continuously. It’s okay to brush each area twice, anything more can cause skin irritation.

Can cause dryness

Dry brushing can cause your skin to feel dry. So after dry brushing, bath and hydrate your skin. You can moisturize your skin with some body oil or your body moisturizer to make your skin feel hydrated.


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