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We have all enjoyed the benefits of modern technological advances with smartphones and personal computers. The amazing advances in orthodontics have helped to change the lives of many patients.

The variety of braces in Windsor allows for more specific treatment than ever before, it’s no longer just one treatment for all dental misaligned conditions.

The advantages of straight teeth

Having straight teeth is not only beneficial cosmetically but the more serious practical benefits are even more important. Having an overbite or underbite can lead to serious conditions later.

The inability to chew food properly often leads to digestive disorders as the stomach is unable to break down larger particles of food. Diet can be affected as a patient may find that it is easier to eat softer less nutritious foods.

Speech can also be affected as the misalignment may restrict the use of the lips and tongue when trying to speak. Teeth may also become damaged and even cracked or chipped. Straight teeth will alleviate all of these problems as well as produce a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

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What appliances are available

The last ten years have seen numerous improvements and new inventions in orthodontic appliances. Braces that have been the normal device used to correct misaligned teeth have undergone a revolutionary improvement.

The metal braces today are far more efficient and effective than they were decades ago. New innovations made from metal and porcelain have become available and because some of them match the color of teeth, they are less conspicuous.

There are also braces that fit onto the inside of the teeth which are more popular among adults. These still require regular visits to the dentist for adjustment of the wires and clips which slowly move the teeth to the desired location.

Recently a new type of brace referred to as an aligner has been introduced onto the market. This type of brace works differently and is worn over the teeth like a gum shield, this is referred to as a tray.

A series of these trays are created, each with a slightly different orientation to the last. The tray is worn for at least three weeks and must be worn for at least twenty-two hours per day to achieve optimal results.

Unlike permanently fitted braces these can be removed to allow for brushing, flossing, eating, and drinking. The replacement of each tray requires a visit to the dentist so that they can review the progress and decide if treatment can move on to the next tray.

These aligners are made from a dental-grade material specifically designed for dental treatment.

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A smile to be proud of!

The array of orthodontic devices that a dentist now has at their disposal means that no one should need to suffer with misaligned teeth. Each apparatus has a specific use for a specific condition and even combinations of appliances can be used.

The dentist will conduct a thorough examination using X-rays, cameras, and 3D equipment to assess which form of treatment is best suited to correct the condition. Now more than ever a patient with misaligned teeth can look forward to being able to produce a broad, confident smile.

The advantages of straight teeth

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