Cosmetic Dentistry: What Can A Dentist In Chiswick Provide?

There are a lot of dental treatments that are less known and many of these include cosmetic dentistry. For many patients, being happy with their smile doesn’t just mean keeping on top of their oral hygiene routine and visiting a dentist in Chiswick when experiencing discomfort.

It also means that the overall appearance of the mouth and teeth are at their highest standard and not causing the patient to feel self-conscious or lack confidence. Dental happiness means a lot of different things to many different people, but this article will focus on dental insecurities caused by missing teeth, misaligned teeth, chipped teeth, and discolored teeth.

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4 cosmetic dentistry procedures to know

Dental veneers

The smallest of problems can have huge effects on a patient, whether this is causing physical pain or emotional and mental discomfort. This is why dental practices will offer a wide range of dental treatments that focus solely on fixing those problems.

Some patients might have small gaps between their teeth or have chipped just a singular tooth, but dental veneers can offer a solution for those problems. By placing a thin layer of porcelain over the problem tooth, any problems can be completely covered, providing the patient with a full, natural appearance once again.

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Despite how simple and straightforward the teeth whitening process can be, it is a sure way to improve a patient’s appearance and in turn, their confidence. Drinking things like coffee and red wine, as well as smoking, can eventually cause stains to appear on the teeth, which cannot be removed by oral hygiene routines or over-the-counter whitening treatments.

There are a variety of ways to hide the stains caused by indulgences, but teeth whitening is often much quicker and with the right care, can have a patient enjoying their bright, white smile for a longer period of time.


Misaligned teeth are very common across dental patients and there is no set way that teeth can become crooked. They may look overcrowded, have too many gaps, be slightly wonky, or even have an overbite, but teeth straightening treatments can work to fix all of these problems.

Invisalign, the clear aligner alternative, has become increasingly popular due to allowing adults to straighten their time without multiple visits to the dentist, or wearing braces that can be seen and often cause further anxieties.

The clear aligner alternative works by adding pressure to a patient’s teeth to move them into their desired position. Many adults favor this treatment as the aligners are completely removable, allowing for complete dental hygiene in those hard-to-reach areas.

Implant dentistry

When a patient loses their teeth, their whole life will have to change around it. Loss of teeth can also lead to loss of bone growth and stimulation, which can cause effects such as the other healthy teeth moving around and also sunken facial features, as there is no longer bone in place to keep things secure.

With dental implants, however, a metal screw is installed into the jaw before the artificial crown is placed on top, offering more stability and stimulating bone growth. The metal screw will fuse with the bone to provide long-lasting fullness and the artificial crown will be made to match the surrounding healthy teeth in everything from size, shape, and color.

4 cosmetic dentistry procedures to know

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