How Can Dental Implants Improve Confidence?

For many people, tooth loss has a very detrimental impact on their self-confidence.  They often feel embarrassed and too self-conscious to smile. This can lead to withdrawal from social situations and result in the person isolating themselves. The isolation itself can cause a significant decline in their mental health that can also have an impact on physical wellbeing.

The solution for tooth loss

Dental implants in Herefordshire are considered by many to be the best solution to losing a tooth or even several teeth.  They are direct replacements for the roots of teeth and are made from titanium. 

These artificial roots are embedded into the jawbone of the patient.  After a period of healing which usually lasts a few weeks, the new roots are topped with artificial teeth that replace the missing ones.

Confident socializing

If a person who has a missing tooth or teeth does not have them replaced at all, then their confidence regarding socializing with others is likely to decline over time.  If they opt for dentures instead, then it is possible that they may feel self-conscious when chatting to others. This is because they are not fixed in place and can move around when a person is talking or laughing.

The person who has had their missing teeth replaced using implants can engage with others safe in the knowledge that their new teeth are as robust and natural looking as the originals.  The implant provides an extremely stable base for the new tooth which is firmly fixed in place. 

This means that it will not move out of position or become dislodged.  The result of this is that the person can socialize without having to worry about anyone even noticing that they have had teeth replaced.

Stay youthful

When a person has missing teeth substituted with dentures, the roots of the original teeth remain absent.  Over time, their gums will shrink to accommodate the loss of those roots. This shrinking does not just become apparent inside the mouth, it shows on the face too. 

The face can lose some of its structure and take on a shrunken appearance.  The result of this can be that the person looks much older than their years.

Alternatively, if missing teeth are corrected with the help of dental implants, the original roots are replaced.  This means that the gums stay as they were, and do not decrease in size. The result of this is that the patient can retain the youthful structure of their face. 

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This can be extremely helpful in allowing the patient to retain confidence in their appearance and retain their youthful vibrancy even as they advance in age.  The impact this can have on how a person feels about themselves cannot be underestimated.

Losing teeth can be very upsetting and have a terrible effect on confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, no one must simply put up with this. 

Dental implants offer a highly effective solution that can be very restorative when it comes to self-confidence.  They are natural-looking, long-lasting, and usually only require as much maintenance as the original teeth.

How Can Dental Implants Improve Confidence?

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