How Dental Websites Can Help Tackle Dental Anxiety And Phobia

A successful dental website can change the dynamics of your dental practice. If your dental practice needs an influx of patients then you need to focus on enhancing and improving your dental marketing, the key to which is a fantastic dental website.

Dental phobia is one of the most common phobias here in the UK and almost half of the adult population admit to experiencing a certain extent of fear or anxiety before visiting the dentist. More than 10% of the population avoid the dentist unless it is an emergency. Avoiding the dentist and delaying regular checkups result in dental complications later on in life.

Dentists are unable to look for nervous patients and address them in person therefore dental websites play a very important role in educating the public on the importance of looking after your teeth and gums and maintaining good dental health.

Nervous patients may be scared to visit the dental practice but when experiencing dental issues they will look online to find solutions or find out more about the issue that they are experiencing and when they do so it is important that they come across your website so that you can educate them on the importance of addressing their dental needs.

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A good dental website will have a separate section for nervous patients so that they understand that they are being addressed directly, helping to ease their nerves and settle their anxieties.

If you can engage with these patients through your website you will be able to convince them to revisit the website, learn more about looking after your teeth and gums and find out how advances in dental technology mean that dental treatments and procedures can now be carried out with minimal pain, bleeding or even discomfort.

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Personalization to allow familiarisation

To help you encourage patients to address their dental needs with you, it is important to make sure that your website is highly personalized rather than filled with generic information on the treatments and procedures that most dental websites offer.

You need to include plenty of happy, smiling, and welcoming pictures of you, the people on your team, and the dental practice itself. A 3-dimensional tour of the dental practice may help a patient familiarise themselves with the surroundings to help ease their mind before visiting you in person.

Video messages from your team members are also a great way of allowing patients to familiarise themselves with you. Letting patients know that you are kind, caring, and have their best interest in mind will also help ease the nerves of nervous patients and encourage them to feel more positive about visiting the dentist and addressing their dental needs.

Reviews and testimonials from existing patients will show nervous patients that you are capable of delivering quality dental care and good customer service, and this will work in your favor too. Speak to a digital dental marketing team today and find out more about creating a bespoke and highly personalized website that can help people face their fears of visiting the dentist and encourage them to address their dental needs with you very soon.

How Dental Websites Can Help Tackle Dental Anxiety And Phobia

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