15 Fancy Nail Designs To Do This Christmas

Want some nail design ideas for this Christmas, then check out these fancy nail designs ideas, perfect for the Christmas season.

Whether you want a nail design for a holiday party or you just want your nails to look and feel festive, these designs will do.

Fancy nail designs for Christmas

fancy nail designs
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Nude nails

If you are not a fan of the bright colorful nails for Christmas, no need to worry, you can still have a beautiful nail design for Christmas using nude nail polish like the one above. Just be sure to include some Christmas elements like snowflakes in your design.

Nude and glitter

Just because you opt for nude polish doesn’t mean your fingers can’t sparkle too. It’s Christmas after all. Add some glitter polish to your nude nail design. Soft gold glitter will be perfect for a soft nail design.

Image credit- pomalowanki_iwona_wilk

Polka dots and ginger bread

For this nail design, there are three red nails with tiny white polka dots and then two pastel pink nails with tiny white polka dots and a ginger bread man.

fancy nail designs
Image credit- lackat

Christmas blue nails

Here we have a stunning Christmas blue nail design. This is such a beautiful shade of blue, perfect for the festive season. Each nail design is further beautified with a Christmas element. We have Christmas balls and snowflakes. And the middle finger has glitter to make it sparkle.

Image credit- klamaja

Christmas leaves nails

This is such a beautiful nail design with a base red that is just so gorgeous. And they have white leaves painted on them too.

Image credit- grabyournails

Pink christmas lights

For your Christmas nail design, you can get creative with any element of Christmas you like. Try designing Christmas lights on your nails.

Image credit- the_gelbottle_inc

Reindeers and glitter

For the nail design above, there are three nails painted with red glitter. One nail with a reindeer and another nail with candy cane stripes.

Image credit- targettales

Plaid and reindeer

This is very similar to the nail design above. It also has three red glitter nails and a reindeer nail design. The only difference is that this one has a plaid nail design too.

fancy nail designs
Image credit- yes_icanails

Plaid and sweater

Two fabrics that get very popular during the holidays. You can use the sweater and plaid patterns in your nail design, just like the nail design above.

Image credit- lauren_beautyby

Floral nails

Floral nails aren’t for only spring and summer. You can incorporate some floral nail designs into your Christmas nails too.

Image credit- jeehns_nails

Red and white coffin nails

Red and white are classic colors for Christmas. With the nail design above, 4 nails are painted white with an accent red plaid nail design to add a pop of color.

Image credit- gyemantbetti.nails

Red and white almond nails

Here, we have two red nails and two white nails. One white nail has a snowflake and the other has Rudolph, the reindeer. Although the thumb isn’t showing, you can paint your thumb red too.

fancy nail designs
Image credit- ricekittynails

French tips for Christmas

If you like french tip nails, then you should totally do that this Christmas. The nail design above uses red tips for one hand and then green tips for another.

Image credit- paznokcie_malami

Candy cane nails

This is a beautiful nail design with red, white and green. The middle finger has candy cane stripes and the ring finger has cute candy canes and polka dots.

Image credit- ewiloving.nails

Christmas tree nail design

Here, four of the nails are painted with green glitter polish. The ring finger, however, is painted with nude nail polish with an accent Christmas tree design and at the top of the tree is a golden nail rhinestone.


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