FAQs About SEO For Dental Surgeries

Have you ever had any questions about dental SEO or how it can benefit your dental surgery? Read on for answers to commonly searched questions relating to this area.

What is SEO for dental teams?

What is SEO for dental teams?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and it is simply about increasing the amount of organic traffic to your website via search engines. By having more people click on your website, you may notice an increase in the number of people attending your surgery who may have checkups or enquire about the other treatments that you offer.

How long does it take for my surgery to rank on page 1?

This will depend on where your surgery is located, the size of the website itself, the search terms you were targeting for the dental treatments, and the overall SEO strategy that you will develop with your marketing team.

The more competitive your area is for dental treatments, such as London in the UK, the longer it may take for your surgery to get onto the first page of Google or any other search engine. It is possible to get page 1 results quickly for other locations such as more rural areas around the country.

But if you are based in a city or town where there is a lot of competition, it may take a lot longer. You should start to notice an influx in organic traffic and newer patients attending your surgery within around 6 months of beginning your SEO plan.

Is it expensive?

It is important to consider the cost of SEO and marketing when it comes to your surgery budget, and the majority of marketing teams will offer different types of marketing to fit your budget.

When it comes to advertising and increasing revenue, dental marketing and SEO are some of, if not, the most affordable forms of doing so, and it also provides the best long-term results by not only attracting patients to your surgery but keeping them coming back for treatments and check-ups.

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Will my team be involved in the surgery’s marketing?

Of course, you will, especially if you have opened the surgery yourself and are the head dentist! You know your surgery’s brand, and you may even have a logo in mind, alongside other parts that you want to incorporate onto your surgery’s site.

You may also know the audience that you want to attract to your dental surgery. These will all be incorporated into the overall marketing plan and should be reviewed regularly with your marketing team.

Will our website need to be made over?

In some cases, your marketing and SEO team will indeed need to improve and fix your website. That is not to say that it will be taken down and rebuilt from scratch, but there may be elements of the site that may need tweaking to make it more optimized for the SEO.

This could include things such as ensuring the site loads within a set time or that the menu follows a logical layout, which will make it easier for Google bots to detect and rank the page.

However, your marketing team should be in regular communication with you about the updates to your surgery’s page, and they will work on building your website around what you want for your surgery.

FAQs About SEO For Dental Surgeries

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