• Christmas traditions will make christmas very memorable for you and your family, especially the little ones. So why don’t you try these fun christmas traditions which will cost you little or no money at all. Having a Christmas tradition will get you and your family in the Christmas mood when christmas is coming up because they are all looking forward to some quality family time and this will bring your family even closer together.

Here are 10 fun christmas traditions to start now;

Create a christmas playlist

There is something about music that lifts your spirit and lightens your mood. Once you start playing christmas carols and music, you will begin to feel that christmas is in the air. That will get you in the christmas mood for you to begin any other thing related to christmas. From the beginning of December, my husband has been playing christmas songs and that was what reminded me we are in the christmas season and got me excited about christmas.

Put up a christmas tree

With a christmas tree in the living room, everyone in the house will know and remember that we are in the festive season. And there are a lot of things you can do with your family around the christmas tree. You can sit under it and sing christmas carols, read the bible or read christmas books.

Decorate the christmas tree

This will be so much fun if done together as a family. You can sing christmas carols as you decorate while having some christmas cookies. Doing this together will give you and your family unforgettable memories.

Make kids write a letter to Santa

This is a great way to know what your kids will actually want for christmas. You can make it more fun if they get a reply from Santa.

Read the Bible story of the birth of Jesus Christ

Since Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, you can sit under the christmas tree with your family and read the story of the birth of Jesus Christ from the Bible. After reading, you can all sing a christmas carol together.

Watch christmas movies on friday nights

Starting from the first week of December, you can watch Christmas movies with your family every friday night till christmas day. There are so many christmas movies you can watch together. Like home alone, a christmas story and many more.

Go for a christmas concert or show

During this season, there are so many concerts and shows. You can pick one to go and watch or decide to watch

Have a christmas themed photoshoot

Photos are a great way to keep these meories. Have a photoshoot and take silly christmas photos with your family, friends and loved ones. It’s a great way to remind us of people and the fun we had together with them.

Make a charity donation

This is a tradition I’ve been doing with my mum for years and I plan to continue with my kids. Every year during the festive season, Nhyira Fm accepts charity donations which they give to kids in orphanage homes. I gather my clothes which I wouldnt wear anymore (this shouldn’t be worn out, it should be in good conditions), we add some biscuits, drinks and money and take it to Nhyira Fm. Doing things like these with your kids will teach them to be kind and always give. Kids can add their old toys which they dont play with anymore. Just a little donation will make a less privileged kid smile this christmas.

Make a special dinner for christmas

On christmas day, you can make a special dinner for you and your family. Making that special dinner every christmas will make your family look forward to christmas day with excitement.

So these are fun inexpensive christmas traditions you can start now if you are already not doing them.

What christmas traditions do you enjoy with your family?







  1. Great list. I do most of these things. I have a DIY Christmas garland with photos of my animals on it. Each if from a Christmas themed photoshoot I did of them. I’ve got two new-er pets which don’t yet have photos. Cats are hard to photography in themed though. They don’t like to cooperate. Haha.

    Kara Aragon

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