Giving People The Teeth They Want With Invisalign London

When thinking about the dental issues that affect people who live in the United Kingdom many people may not consider misaligned, protruding, or crooked teeth when these are some of the most widespread dental problems amongst adults living in the UK.

Living with teeth that are not in the correct alignment in the mouth can lead to a person having to live with a high level of discomfort on a daily basis and lead to them experiencing a higher number of occurrences of common dental issues, due to the fact they may have difficulty cleaning their teeth fully when brushing.

This may mean they suffer from plaque build-up, tooth decay, or gum disease on a more frequent basis, causing them to have to visit the dental practice more often in order to access treatment and advice that may help them to improve their oral health and hygiene standards.

The best course of action for people living with misaligned teeth may well be to receive tooth alignment treatment so that they can have their teeth straightened, this would help to make them easier to navigate with a toothbrush and lead to improvement in their oral health.

Invisalign London is a modern tooth alignment treatment that can provide the desired results for patients in a manner that is discrete.

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A discrete way to align the teeth

When developing the Invisalign aligner the needs, concerns, and requests of the potential patients were listened to, this helped to create a treatment device that would meet the needs and demands of adults who are living their busy lives in a modern world.

What these people wanted was a treatment that would give them the great results they desire but that would not be easily seen by the eyes of others, this led to the creation of a clear aligner that can hide in plain sight.

Created from two layers of clear plastic that are molded together to create an alignment device that is suitable to meet the needs of an individual patient, this aligner simply fits over the patient’s teeth rather than around them like the metal and wire braces of old.

This means the aligner should be more comfortable for a patient to wear in place in the mouth, should a patient experience any discomfort they can remove the device for a short period and place it back into position as the feeling of discomfort subsides.

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Making a positive change

When someone living with misaligned teeth makes the decision to undergo tooth alignment treatment, they will have to attend a consultation appointment with a dentist or orthodontist to have their needs assessed, via a full examination of the teeth, gums, and other aspects of the mouth. X-rays or scans will be taken at this appointment, as these will help in the creation of the patient’s alignment devices.

If treatment goes ahead using Invisalign London a series of aligners will be created for the patient’s use, each is to be worn for around two weeks and then exchanged for the next in the series. Completion of tooth alignment treatment can normally be expected within twelve to eighteen months, depending on the individual case.

Giving People The Teeth They Want With Invisalign London

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