5 Everyday Habits That Drain Your Energy

The draining of our energies is not limited to our physical activities as humans. When we are tired emotionally or mentally, it can sap our energy and disrupt our regular routines. It’s not a secret, in fact, feeling this way is quite common.

Even if things are going well in certain areas of your life, they may not be so in others that directly influence your health. You may not even be aware of why and what you’re doing to make yourself feel like you need an additional cup of coffee every day. Or perhaps you notice that you start tiring and losing focus at work an hour earlier than everyone else.

The problem or causes are a part of our lifestyle and daily habits, and they become so embedded in us that we don’t even realize we’re the source of our own unhappiness and fatigue. So below, we’ll take a look at some of these habits that drain your energy.

5 Everyday Habits That Drain Your Energy

Everyday habits that drain your energy

Lack of good sleep

How many hours do you sleep each night? Are you getting the required amount of sleep, or you are getting less? It is advised that adults get about 7-8 hours of sleep each night for optimum health and energy. Oversleeping is also not advised can cause you to feel drained just like not getting enough sleep.

Oversleeping also increases the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke, and, in some cases, death. Getting sick can sap your energy in the most insignificant way. So make sure you get adequate sleep each night to boost your energy and make you more active during the day.

Poor diet

A healthy diet is one that promotes general well-being. Eating fruits and vegetables, fat-free foods, low-fat milk, and a balanced diet promotes health and energy in the body.

Fast food is mainly junk food, high in carbohydrates and fats because companies and enterprises need to sell you something that not only tastes good but also fills you up. When time is of the essence, our common sense tends to vanish. And we buy something that we know isn’t good for us.

Fatty and sugary foods temporarily enhance our senses, but the sugar high fades, and our digestive system works overtime to metabolize all that fat. After eating fast food, you’ll feel drowsy and lethargic.

Eating meals like brown rice, bananas, eggs, fatty salmon, unprocessed foods, and so on will give you enough energy for the day. In addition, drinking plenty of water keeps you energized.

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Unhealthy relationships:

The people you associate with have a lot of impact on you and your well-being. You become more energized when you surround yourself with positive people in your life. Toxicity is a major setback in one’s life. Do not hold on to anger and resentments. Overthinking, worrying, and whining all result in negativity in one’s life. Moreover, no one wants to be around someone who constantly whines and nags. So try not to linger on the past; instead, let it go.

Engage with people who boost you and lift you up. Cut off communications with toxic people that have unhealthy relationships, as this can sap your vitality. You will spend most of your time worrying and overthinking because of them and that can be very draining and definitely not worth it.

Skipping workouts:

Most of the time, you believe that your body requires a few days off after exercising, but this is not the case. Research shows that adults who sit mostly at their jobs but exercise 3 days for 20 minutes each are less fatigued and more energized. Regular exercise benefits your cardiovascular system as well as your strength and endurance.


Even if you stay in shape, are fit, and work out on a regular basis, you can still feel drained. Sometimes the issue is within one’s own thinking. Because if you worry a lot, you’ll be mentally charged all the time.

Is there something troubling you that you’re putting off or simply lack the willpower to confront?

By putting things on the back burner of your thoughts, you can keep your stress levels moderate to mild throughout the day. Something that does not make you worry but continues to tap away at you for a longer period of time has the same effect.

You must tackle the issue that is bugging you or you will never be able to shake the sense of being emotionally and physically depleted. Consult a therapist, chat to your partner or friends, and consider keeping a journal. Get it out of your system in some way.


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