Helping Patients Regain Their Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

When someone loses a tooth or several teeth the impact on their mouth will always be long-lasting. It may cause them to make changes to the way they use their mouth as they may wish to avoid discomfort or pain.

In many cases losing a tooth or teeth happens suddenly and will mostly catch someone off guard, as these people are involved in some kind of accident.

There is a perception that the largest cause of tooth loss among adults living in the United Kingdom is poor oral health and hygiene standards, which may contribute to some cases of tooth loss, but it is by no means the largest cause.

In fact, the largest cause of tooth loss is being involved in an accident, such as a traffic incident, an accident in the home, or an accident on a playing field where any of which have led to an impact on a person’s jaw or mouth.

Helping Patients Regain Their Missing Teeth With Dental Implants
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Following the loss of a tooth or several teeth many people wish to find a method of replacing the lost teeth, this often brings them into contact with oral devices such as bridges and dentures, both of which are commonly used.

While these devices do offer a solution there is still a large number of patients who feel these do not offer a solution that they are happy with, as they want a feeling of having their natural teeth.

Dental implants in Plymouth can offer patients a tooth replacement solution that will recreate the feeling of natural teeth, as they are fixed in situ and shaped to look just like teeth that have always been in place.

This treatment solution is ideal for use in most cases where tooth loss has occurred, whether it’s the loss of a single tooth or the loss of multiple teeth.

A solution that can cope

Dental implants offer a solution that is hard wearing and strong enough to cope with the toughest of the challenges that many people put their teeth through, easily dealing with the rigours and hazards of daily life and still managing to remain looking good when cared for correctly.

There is no need for any patient to learn a new oral care routine, as the routine of brushing the teeth twice a day will suffice and keep the patient’s new replacement teeth in tip-top condition at all times.

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The benefits of tooth replacement treatment

Following the loss of a tooth or several teeth many patients report having some difficulty eating tougher food, this is because they are attempting to use the flesh of the gum and the jawbone to bite and eat their food.

By replacing any missing teeth with this fixed-in-place solution the biting and chewing of food should become much easier, as the patient will be able to eat in a more natural fashion.

No need to live with missing teeth

Given the advances in modern dental techniques and treatments, there is no need for any patient to continue to live with missing teeth if they do not wish to.

With dental implants, patients can receive new, natural-feeling teeth that will be fixed in position and should last them an entire lifetime.


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