Invisible Aligners; FAQs Answered

In times gone by, it was only considered worthwhile to undertake orthodontics as an adult if you had an extreme or complicated case of misalignment which may have been causing you to grind your teeth or to have issues with pronunciation.

However, as dental care has evolved, the means of straightening teeth have become more discreet, and it is now possible for the majority of adult dental patients to get the straighter smile they want without needing to use a fitted metal brace.

And it goes without saying that one of the most popular options available for straightening teeth without the hassle of fitting or maintaining a metal brace is Invisalign Macleod, a very popular invisible aligner.

In this article, 5 of the most commonly asked questions surrounding these invisible aligners are answered so you can assess if you may be suitable for this treatment option.

Who is suitable for invisible aligners?

As briefly mentioned earlier, the majority of adult and teenage patients are suitable to use clear aligners to get their teeth straightened. If you have mild to moderate misalignment, or incidents of crowding or spacing, then it is worth discussing this treatment option with your dental team.

You also have to be committed to keeping your aligner in place and engaging with the necessary instructions and treatment that your dental team recommends.

How often do I need to wear them?

Per day, it is often recommended that you were your aligners for 22 hours or as directed by your dental team. If you do not adhere to this, then you may suffer from dental reversion during which your teeth will move back into their former positions. So, in short, keep the aligners in!

I heard they are too pricey for most people to afford

This is a common myth and luckily it is not true. Many dental surgeries that offer aligners to their patients are also able to offer financing plans, so you can spread the cost of the treatment over several months.

Also, as this treatment typically lasts between 3 to 6 months, this will do a great deal to reduce the overall cost and you will not need to attend your dental surgery for the aligners to be tightened or adjusted.

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Can I get them for cheaper online?

Technically yes, you can get invisible aligners online for cheaper than they would be at a dental surgery but it is risky.

Many dental surgeries that offer this treatment provide an intraoral scan as a starting basis to make the aligners, but with at-home kits, you will need to use the dental mould which can be tricky to operate correctly and may go wrong.

Also, when it comes to realigning your teeth you don’t want to be cutting corners with costs so it is best to seek the advice of a trained dental team.

Do they work as well as braces?

Studies have found that when used correctly, invisible aligners are just as good as braces at straightening teeth and keeping your smile looking better for longer.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Invisible Aligners; FAQs Answered

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