Keep Teeth White With Your Dentist  

A white smile is still one of the most desired accessories, everyone is after that bright white look, and it’s no wonder why, with so many perfect smiles flashed at us through the media.

So how do we achieve the brilliant white look and more importantly how do we maintain it?

Keep Teeth White With Your Dentist  
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Why do we want a white smile?

Before we get into the how, let’s take a look at the why. Why is it we’re all so concerned with having a white smile? When, after all, our teeth actually aren’t paper white.

The face is our greatest form of communication, we express everything we think and feel using it and so having a face and smile that’s aesthetically pleasing is always going to be a win.

The practice of teeth whitening actually began with the ancient Egyptians around four thousand years ago.

They mixed ground pumice stone and wine vinegar to create a whitening paste. It’s thought that white teeth were a sign of beauty and wealth.

Later the Romans whitened their teeth with urine, oh yes… urine! The ammonia in the urine was a bleaching agent!

So we can see our obsession with white teeth stems from thousands of years ago, and the reasons for doing so are similar to why we do it today! To show status and beauty!   

Where the colour of our teeth comes from

The shade of our teeth is actually determined by the thickness of our enamel, which covers the tooth. The dentine which is what sits under the enamel is a yellowish shade and is what makes up the majority of the tooth’s structure.

It’s these two things sitting upon each other which gives off that pearly white look and why are teeth aren’t just paper white naturally.

As we age our enamel generally thins which is why we tend to see a colour change in our teeth, this along with the staining that occurs from high tannin food and drinks causes a more yellow appearance.

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I’m sure you’re aware that dental bleaching is now very popular and has become extremely accessible both practically and financially in the last ten years.

You can visit your dentist in Luton to be professionally bleached or even just order kits online, however, this is not advisable.

Some methods are of course more safe than others and it’s always recommended you check with your dentist before applying anything bleaching or whitening to your teeth.


Whitening is the easy part, the tricky part is keeping on top of a bright white smile. Unfortunately our modern lifestyles don’t lend themselves to white teeth.

Coffee, tea, wine, fruit, juice, curry, spices or anything with a high colour will add to the discolouration of our teeth and we need to find ways in which we can enjoy these yummy things, but also protect the colour of our teeth.

The only real answer is to be mindful about consumption, if you’re consuming heaps of coffee and tea daily then you really want to think about cutting down.

Cutting down on high tannin products along with good brushing is the only way you’re going to keep your teeth whiter for longer.


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