There’s a reason the ‘live laugh love’ home furnishing item has become something of a cultural meme. Home furnishing stores are often so uniform in the decoration they offer that things can become quite stale from household to household.

It’s not uncommon for many houses on a single street to share multiple ornaments from the same furnishing store in the neighbourhood. This is not to denigrate people who enjoy those implements in the least. Your home is your home, and you deserve to decorate however you want.

However, there are ways that you might prefer items that might apply your taste a little more uniquely. Researching and taking a little time to apply your best solution is half the fun here. So there is absolutely no sense to disregard your desire here in any way at all.

Thankfully, the indulgences that make your home YOUR home are easy to recommend. Simply looking for excellent items within certain unique niches could help you find something truly personal, something you cherish. Or, you may decide to find something of which you’re the only owner in the world.

Here’s how:

what makes your home your home?



You deserve to inject your unique style to any room of your house. Many people are too concerned with caring about ‘uniform’ style. This is because we’re all tainted by the interior decorating shows we have seen, or the magazines we have flicked through.

Realistically, the indulgences that you can place in your home should be vital to the family story you possess. For example, you may decide to choose unique furniture design best fitting with your colour scheme. You may decide to show mementos of your travelling adventures. Or even perhaps have custom artwork crafted of your family.

You may decide to paint and stencil a wonderful family tree in your kitchen, listing the names of your most prominent ancestors. Of course, heading on an ancestry search may be the first step to achieving that. You can design your home more than effectively if you imbue it with your family taste, and never feel the fear of being too unique.




Crafting your own items can bring something completely novel to your home. While you may not be able to craft your own media centre, you can surely craft the furniture that presents your items. You may decide to carve your own rocking horse, or something to that effect as a large family project.

You may decide to have a carpenter transform a large object to become more in-fitting with your family interest. For example, you may decide to take wooden beams from a converted outdoor shed into furniture to use in your child’s bedroom. The story that certain items tell are important because you know their worth, and this can imbue your home with a sense of true personality. It will also make for a wonderful conversation piece.

With these tips, you are sure to indulge in design that makes your home finally yours in every respect.

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