Marketing Tips For 2023 For Your Dental Surgery

With 2023 fast approaching, you may be curious about how marketing will change in the new year, especially if you run a dental surgery and want to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

So, with that in mind, what are some of the predicted dental marketing trends for 2023?

Marketing Tips For 2023 For Your Dental Surgery
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5 marketing tips for your dental surgery

Social media

If your dental surgery does not currently have a social media page, such as Facebook or Instagram, you are missing out!

Social media is the ideal platform to advertise your dental surgery, as you can reach a wider group of potential patients using these platforms for literal pennies.

And it seems that the trend of having a dental surgery website with a social media page is not going anywhere anytime soon, so it may be worth investing in more than one.


The tone that is going to be used on your dental surgery page is going to be a huge part of the marketing in 2023 as well.

You will need to focus your dental surgery blogs and landing pages to have a chattier tone rather than one that is going to put people off of reading.

This is for two key reasons: the first is related to voice searching, which will be discussed later, and the second is simply to be more engaging.

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Videos are the most consumed type of media on the internet. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that one thing you will need to do with your dental surgery is to have a vlog.

This can be either on your dental surgery website or social media page.

The vlog pieces should be no longer than 3 minutes. This will allow you to showcase what it is that your surgery uses and the procedures that you can perform without needing to write a blog article.

Voice searching

Almost everybody now has access to either a smartphone or another AI assistant. This means that when somebody is searching for dental surgery at 2:00 AM for a sore tooth, they are more likely to say ‘hey Siri’ or ‘hey Alexa’ than they are to go onto a laptop and type in ‘dental surgery near me’.

A marketing tip for 2023 is going to be ensuring that your dental surgery website is adapted for voice searching because as many as 70-75% of all searches online are now being performed using this method.

Mobile Accessibility

In 2023, the majority of people are going to be looking for services via their smart devices. So when it comes to a patient looking for dental surgery, they are now more likely to ask Siri Alexa or Google Home about dental surgery near them.

As mentioned before, this has an implication relating to voice searching, but it also means that your dental surgery website will need to be accessible to smartphones.

This means that when somebody loads your dental surgery webpage, it should display correctly without glitching. If it doesn’t, you risk losing patients and your place in the Google rankings.


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