4 Neutral Nursery Decor Ideas

neutral nursery decor ideas
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One of the most exciting aspects of being pregnant is decorating the baby’s nursery. As you begin to gather your items and select a color scheme, furniture, and other details, things can begin to feel more real as you anticipate the arrival of your baby.

While nurseries were historically adorned pink or blue depending on the gender of the baby, a more neutral color scheme is becoming more common.

A neutral nursery, whether you know the baby’s gender or not, will provide you with more alternatives and ensure that your nursery can be kept the same if you have more children in the future. Here are some tips on how to decorate a neutral nursery to help you create a lovely place to welcome your little one.

Neutral nursery decor ideas

1. Use light and muted colors

Painting the walls of your nursery a neutral, clean color is a terrific place to start. It will not only be easy to match furniture to it, but it will also create a more open and airy environment. White is a popular choice because it maintains a fresh and clean appearance.

But if you find white to be too overwhelming, try some off-white tones, or muted colors. There’s no reason why you can’t have lovely walls to appreciate throughout the day if the drapes can filter out enough light.

2. Add a touch of color

While neutral walls are lovely, adding a splash of color or a pattern will keep the space interesting; after all, it is for your child. Look for bright colors like reds, greens, oranges, and yellows that will look fantastic as soft furnishings or accent walls in your nursery.

Adding patterns or designs, such as animal motifs, might help to break up the monotony of plain walls. You’ll want to consider carefully any patterns or drawings used on the walls if you want to maintain your nursery age-neutral to ensure continuous use as your child grows older.

3. Use natural furniture

You can design a nursery for your baby with a variety of elegant furniture pieces. But for a neutral nursery opt for natural yet stylish furniture. There is so much furniture for children’s bedroom you can buy that incorporate natural color schemes and gorgeous natural finishes. Wooden furniture is simple to construct, move, and maintain, and it will readily blend into your neutral decor style.

4. Get creative

You can make some fantastic things for your baby’s nursery by yourself. You can fashion a colorful rug out of old t-shirts, or even some wall hangings out of old wood or fabrics that you no longer need. Making a baby mobile is also a cost-effective option. You can also make something that matches your decor out of all-natural materials.

Making your own nursery decor pieces adds a personal touch and provides you with something to do during the last few months of your pregnancy. A neutral nursery is a lovely addition to any home, and it’s the ideal way to welcome your new baby and give them a great start in life.

For some nursery decor ideas to get you started see below for some beautiful neutral nursery decors we found online.

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neutral nursery decor ideas
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neutral nursery decor ideas
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