New Replacement Teeth With Dental Implants

Living with missing teeth is something that many adults across the United Kingdom have had to force themselves to get used to.

This can also mean that they have to live with some level of discomfort or pain when they are trying to eat using the gums and jawbone to carry out the functions of the teeth.

The reality is everybody is at risk of tooth loss, some more than others, as people expose their teeth to hazards every day during general use and this can leave the teeth vulnerable at times.

It must be clearly understood that the largest cause of tooth loss is being involved in an accident of some kind, such as a traffic accident, an accident in the home, or suffering an injury on a playing field, any of which can lead to the mouth or jaw to suffer a hit or impact that could loosen the teeth, causing them to fall out of position.

Many of those who lose teeth start to want to find a way they can replace them. This will often lead them towards bridges and dentures that can offer a way to replace missing teeth to an extent.

However, neither of these devices can offer a patient a permanent fixed-in-place solution for replacing missing teeth, for this, patients may wish to investigate dental implants Leicester.

New Replacement Teeth With Dental Implants
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New teeth that are hard-wearing

When a patient who has suffered tooth loss is looking to replace their missing teeth they want to know that the replacements are strong enough to cope with the stresses that using human teeth will put them through day to day.

Eating and drinking, along with other common tasks, can expose human teeth to hazards such as sugars and acids that can erode natural human teeth and these hazards can also have a negative effect on any replacement teeth.

Dental implants are made from hard-wearing materials that withstand the rigours of daily use, giving any patient receiving them confidence that they will be able to last them an entire lifetime.

Of course, the patient will have to care for their new teeth, but there is no need for them to learn any new oral cleaning routine, as the best way to care for any replacement teeth is to brush them twice a day, as they would their natural teeth.

The initial phase of replacing a missing tooth using this type of treatment involves inserting a titanium screw into the patient’s jawbone with its head protruding above the gum of the area in which it is placed. This helps to create a sturdy base for the patient’s new tooth to be attached to.

The new tooth will be created using a ceramic crown that is then shaped and coloured to match any natural teeth surrounding it, this is then placed at the head of the screw.

While the description given here is based on the replacement of a single tooth this treatment is also suitable for the replacement of multiple teeth, it can also be used to treat cases of total tooth loss.

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A great solution

Dental implants can offer patients a great way to replace their missing teeth, they are hard wearing and will last any patients receiving them an entire lifetime when cared for correctly.


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