How To Pack Your Jewellery While Traveling

On one hand, travelling is fun but on the other hand, packing can seem cumbersome, especially when packing delicate things like jewellery.

It is a problem for a lot of people to pack their jewellery right when they are travelling. If jewellery pieces aren’t packed right, they will get tangled.

But there are several easy ways to organize your jewellery when packing to ensure they stay separate and in good condition. 

Once you’ve read how easy it is to pack jewellery carefully, all you have to do is decide which jewellery to bring with you. Don’t forget to keep in mind the extra precautions to be taken when travelling with expensive jewellery.

Few people know how to pack the jewellery properly, this is because most of these valuable things are fragile.

So here are some tricks to carry your favourite jewellery especially while travelling.

Check out some tips given below on how to pack jewellery for your next trip.

11 ways to pack jewellery when travelling

11 ways to pack jewellery when travelling

1. Use Plastic Straws

Plastic straws can be used to hold your chain or necklace in place.  Avoid tangling them by stringing your chain through a firm plastic straw. 

If you have thin chains, a straw can easily accommodate 2-3 chains.

2. Hang them on Button Saver

Have you ever thought that a simple button, which you use on your clothes, can also be for packing any jewellery?

These simple buttons can use to hold a pair of earrings. Those two holes in your button can be used as an earring holder, and on that holes, you can insert your earrings.

You will easily find the earring pair when you need them.  While travelling, it is the main problem to search for one earring, by hanging them on the holes of the button you can easily get that pair.

3. Store in Pills Cases

Nowadays you can easily get seven days of pills, You can store your earrings in each box according to your schedule. You can even store them according to the day you mentioned the case!

If you are going to a wedding, then keeping an earring on a specific case will let you know which pair of earrings you have to wear on a specific day as it may be possible that you have a large collection of different types of earrings.

4. Roll them in a towel

The towel is not only used for bathroom purposes, but it is also useful in packing your jewellery while travelling.

Travel towels are small in size so that you can keep your entire jewellery collection in the towel.

Grab the corners by both ends and then tie them with a rubber band. The rubber band will ensure that your jewellery lasts while travelling.

5. Keep in the matchbox

You can store your pearl gemstone jewellery in a matchbox.  Avoid storing pearl jewellery with the rest of your belongings as they are the most delicate and bound to lose their lustre.

For this, remove all match sticks and place the pearl piece in your matchbox, and if you feel that the matchbox is a little loose, tie it with a rubber band.

6. Use a Jewellery Organizer

If you do not want to do these homemade packing ideas, you can also buy a good jewellery organizer from the market. 

This will ensure that your jewellery is secure and in place. There are different types of jewellery organizers available in the market, so choose the one as per your need.

7. Pouch them out

This is one of the oldest and coolest ideas to store your jewellery while travelling.   Unwrap all your jewellery and put them in a pouch. 

Use a soft cloth for this purpose, keep your jewellery on that cloth piece, and then by a string, tightly pack it. Make sure you pull the string tight so that it doesn’t open throughout the travelling.

8. Roll them on a toilet paper roll

You can roll your jewellery around the toilet paper roll. If you don’t have a toilet paper roll, you can cut half a foil paper roll to hold your ornament.

Insert the necklace from both sides of the roll, this will ensure your necklace is at the proper place. Apart from this, if you opted for silver bangles online shopping then you can also put your bangles or bracelets on the roll.

9. Pack them in plastic pouches

Plastic disposable pouches can be used to keep earrings. Wrapped your jewellery in a plastic pouch, they can be easily carried during travelling.

By keeping your jewellery in different plastic pouches, it will be easy and convenient for you to search for any of the jewellery without any problem.

10. Store them in cans

Metals cans can be reuseable to pack your jewellery. To keep small jewellery like earrings and pendants, you can place your jewellery in these metal tins.

For this, you have to place cotton balls in the centre of the tin container, and over these cotton balls, you can keep your jewellery this will keep them safe.

You can also move rings and other small items by placing them in a separate cup and covering it with a lump of packing paper. After securing all of your items, seal the cups with packing tape to secure them.

11.  Using a Business card

Using a business card is one of the coolest ideas for packing travel jewellery. This method is also economical, as most people have business cards lying around their homes.

You can pack necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on the business card. For this, go by punching a hole in the middle of the card and then with the help of thread tie your jewellery. 

Once you hold the items together, they are safe to transport. Packing jewellery while travelling is not rocket science.

Once you will placed your jewellery by using these tips, your jewellery will be safe.

You just have to keep some things in mind which will keep your jewellery in a proper manner.

By following these tips, you will not get into any trouble while searching for any of the jewellery pieces.

How To Pack Your Jewellery While Traveling?

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