17 Gorgeous Protective Hairstyles For Winter

Winter is definitely the best time for a protective hairstyle. During this time of the year, the environment can be really harsh for natural hair, so wearing a protective hairstyle is definitely the way to go.

Just as the name implies, protective hairstyles protect natural hair. So it includes any hairstyle that shields your natural hair. This includes; twists, box braids, locs, cornrows, and others.

So below, we’ll share some protective hairstyles that you can do this winter.

Protective hairstyles for winter

Passion twists

Passion twist is a protective style that involves twisting natural hair and thick passion hair extensions together to give a lighter, more voluminous look.

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Butterfly locs

Butter basically a version of faux locs. But as opposed to the flawlessly wrapped faux locs, butterfly locs involve looping wavy hair into a braid with a crotchet needle and then loosely wrapping it to give it a distressed effect, kind of like bohemian locs.

You can apply your butterfly locs in one of two ways: by wrapping your braids with hair extensions or by crocheting the hair onto your braids.

protective hairstyles
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protective hairstyles
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Bohemian braids

Boho braids are protective styles that last long like any other protective style. However, the hair isn’t braided all the way to the end in boho braids. Some of the hair is left undone, which means you can braid your hair in a short amount of time.

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protective hairstyles
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Rubberband hairstyles

Rubberband hairstyles are becoming really popular lately. With rubber band hairstyles, rubber bands are simply used to create lovely patterns and sections in the hair.

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Twists and cornrows

Cornrows are gorgeous and with this style, you can twist the ends of the cornrows instead of braiding them in threes.

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Knotless braids

Knotless braids are just like box braids but they are braided without tying the base in a knot. These braids are done by starting with your natural hair and then adding extensions.

protective hairstyles
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Bantu knots

Bantu knots are hairstyles in which the hair is sectioned, twisted, and wrapped around the base repeatedly to give a knot-like appearance. They’re magnificent protective hairstyles for natural hair that are daring.

Image source- braidsby_veronica


Cornrows are simple to put on and take off. They are adaptable and can be used for a variety of occasions. Cornrows can be simple and natural-looking. They can be styled in a variety of ways, including buns, ponytails, and more. This allows you to pursue your desires without being bound by a single style.

protective hairstyles
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Image source- braidedbydirra_
Image source- regiscia_creations

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