Restoring Your Smile With Oral Implants

When a smile becomes broken and the teeth are no longer all in place, finding a solution to rejuvenate the smile is simple. However, whilst locating the solution is the first step, understanding whether it is the best solution for your individual case is another. This is where opening up discussions with your dental team about dental implants Hertfordshire comes in.

Taking the world of tooth replacement by storm, these small but efficient artificial roots enable you to smile with confidence, without fear of replacement teeth falling out or appearing out of place.

 oral implants

But what exactly are they?

Oral implants are small, titanium screws that are inserted into the jawbone using a surgical drill. Once inserted, the screw stimulates the surrounding bone to regenerate, fusing the implant into place. A crown or bridge can then be applied to the artificial root creating a seamless appearance, blending in with the natural teeth.

Leaving the gaps in place

Tooth loss as a child can be an exciting experience and one that is celebrated with notions of the tooth fairy. As a child, we are often rewarded for the loss of a tooth, but as an adult, it poses a more serious risk.

Losing baby teeth is no big deal, but once the adult teeth are in, losing one of these can have a large impact. Once a tooth is lost, if left untreated for years and years, the jawbone surrounding the area can weaken and recede which in turn comprises the surrounding teeth.

From the loss of one tooth, multiple teeth can soon begin to be lost leading to a greater impact on your smile and potentially on your self-esteem.

Alongside the fact that other teeth may be compromised over time is the fact that once the jawbone begins to recede, the facial definition of the individual can begin to alter and take on a more sunken appearance. This can unnecessarily create an older appearance due to the altered structure.

Therefore, whilst in the short-term leaving the gaps may feel like a possibility, the long-term effects can greatly impact your smile and overall appearance. Opening up discussions with your dental team as soon as the tooth loss occurs can, therefore, help you better understand your options and ensure that your smile stays in place for the long term.

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Discovering oral implants and deciding you want them is one thing but uncovering whether you are eligible for them is another. Upon opening discussions with your dental team, a consultation appointment will be booked.

During this appointment the process will be explained to you, any questions can be answered, and a thorough examination of the teeth, mouth, and gums will occur.

On top of all that, in order to gain a better understanding of the depth and condition of the jawbone, a series of X-rays and digital scans may take place. This entire process helps your dental team to ensure that implants are the most suitable option for your individual case, and should they decide it is not, other tooth replacement options can begin to be explored. 

Although tooth loss can create confidence issues and unsettle an individual, by opening up communication with your dental team you will be taking the first step to restoring and replenishing your smile.

Restoring Your Smile With Oral Implants

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