Say Cheese Whenever You Please!

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Who is a dentist?

A dentist is someone who will help you maintain and improve your dental health. Ever had ice cream and felt your teeth ache? Then it might be due to poor dental hygiene. If you want to enjoy the food you love and crave, it is best to pay attention to your dental health.

If dental hygiene is ignored often, you might end up not having the satisfaction of eating your favorite foods. Also, with good oral hygiene, you won’t need to hesitate the next time you hear the words, “say cheese!”.

You can say cheese as you please if you take care to maintain your dental health.

A dental practitioner will help you do just that; they can offer feedback and advice and guide you on how to improve and maintain your dental health.

How often should you visit a dentist?

If you are experiencing any aches or pains in your teeth or gums, then it is recommended that you visit a dental practitioner for a proper diagnosis of your situation. Even if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms related to dental health, you should see a dental practitioner at least once in six months.

They will make sure that everything is in order and advise you on what you can do to maintain or improve your current dental health status.

What takes place most often when you visit a dentist?

Your name will be called, and you will enter the examination room. There, you will be offered a seat at a pleasant and comfortable chair with a massive recliner. This chair will have a lot of space for you to rest your head and legs. Next to this chair, a small sink will be provided to let you rinse your mouth.

The dentist Wagga will likely clean your teeth during the examination.

How are teeth cleaned?

A dental health professional will assess your mouth to make sure that everything is in order, and there will be a light overhead to illuminate your mouth. They will clean your mouth and polish your teeth using different instruments; tools like tooth scrapers, mirrors, and brushes will often be used.

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What are the instruments and why are they used?

One instrument that is used, as mentioned above, is the tooth scraper. This is used to remove plaque, which is a sticky substance that coats your teeth. This plaque contains bacteria, and if it isn’t removed, it might end up creating cavities in your teeth.

The mirror will offer a better view of your teeth to the dental practitioner and help them see your teeth correctly. Next comes the brush, which has a round tip that revolves around helping clean your teeth.

What happens if a dentist locates a cavity?

If you happen to have a cavity, chances are you will have to revisit the dental clinic. Meanwhile, you might be given an anaesthetic to remove the decayed part of the tooth, and the tooth will be filled with tooth-colored or silver material.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Say Cheese Whenever You Please!

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