The Answer To Tooth Loss May Be Sheen Dental Implants Richmond

man with a missing tooth

Accidental tooth loss is a sudden and painful occurrence when it happens to someone in life, and its effects can be long-lasting and will stay with a person long after the time of the incident that causes them to lose a tooth.

One of the biggest causes of this type of injury is the playing of sports, as people can get carried away and a little over-exuberant when involved in a competitive game on a playing field.

After the loss of a single tooth or several teeth, many of those who experience this start to investigate ways they can replace the tooth or teeth they have lost, as they start to become acutely aware of the impact the loss has had on the way they use their mouths in their daily lives.

This leads many of them to investigate solutions such as bridges or dentures, which are by no means perfect and tend to be accompanied by their own limitations and challenges.

Sheen dental implants Richmond may provide a more suitable answer to the issue of tooth loss that is permanently fixed in place and can be used in the same way as the natural teeth they are used to replace, which may be worth some consideration.

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Created to be hard-wearing and long-last

Sheen dental implants have been created to be hard-wearing, which means they have been designed using materials that will be more than capable of withstanding any damage that may be created by using the teeth on a daily basis.

With the correct care, these replacement teeth will last patients an entire lifetime. The proper way to care for these teeth is through normal brushing and flossing in the usual recommended way twice a day.

Replacing a lost tooth

During the implantation surgery, there are two main stages involved in the treatment procedure. First, a screw made from titanium, one of the strongest metals known to man, is inserted into the jawbone of the patient. This creates a strong foundation within the patient’s mouth for the new tooth to be placed on top of.

The tooth that is being used is created by using ceramic material that is shaped and colored to allow it to blend in with any remaining teeth surrounding the replacement; this makes it hard to spot and, in most cases, completely indistinguishable for any other teeth.

Feels like the loss never happened

Once the patient has received their replacement teeth, they will quickly start to notice that they can use their teeth in a way that feels quite natural to them, and it may remind them of the way they used their teeth prior to the tooth loss they have suffered.

Those who found they may have had to avoid tougher foods, such as steak, due to it being too difficult to chew properly with the loss of some teeth may find they can quickly revert back to their old eating habit as their implants are strong enough to cope with the toughest of foodstuffs.

The Answer To Tooth Loss May Be Sheen Dental Implants Richmond

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