What Is Composite Bonding?  

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If you have any imperfections on a tooth, or even multiple teeth, you might have been searching for ways on how to fix them or cover them up, which is where you might have come across composite bonding Harley Street.

There is no reason for you to feel self-conscious about imperfections found on your teeth, but in the event that you do, it is completely normal.

This treatment is growing in popularity but it might not be as commonly used as other dental treatments that you’re used to, so it is completely natural to have some questions. Hopefully, this article will provide you with all the information you need to get started on your improved smile journey!

What is composite bonding?

This treatment offers a quick solution for hiding any imperfections that may have formed on the teeth, including gaps, blemishes, or damage.

Depending on the kind of damage, there may be a variety of different treatment paths that your dental practitioner may choose to go down. All of them will help bring back the confidence to your smile.

How does it work?

If you have a chip, fracture, or gap between your teeth, it is likely that bonding will be used to help fix the problem. Your dentist or practitioner will pick a resin that matches the shade of your natural teeth.

The resin will be applied to the damaged areas of your teeth and will not cause any extra damage to the surrounding teeth. Then, the resin will be moved and shaped into the desired position.

Once the resin is in the correct place and looks natural in line with your real teeth, it is hardened immediately with the help of a special light. This treatment is quick, easy, and non-invasive.

What else do I need to know?

This treatment can also be a great alternative to teeth whitening, as it can remove or cover up any staining that might have affected your teeth over the years.

Stains can come from eating dark foods, drinking coffee, smoking, or even from age. It is likely that your dentist will recommend having a whitening treatment, first, so that the resin can be matched to the new color of your teeth.

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Benefits of composite bonding

Bonding can have significant benefits for your mental health and confidence, thanks to the aesthetics produced by the resin matching the color of your natural teeth. Any problem areas can be fixed without drawing too much attention to your mouth.

The bondings can also provide support and structure to your mouth, jaw, and teeth.

When you pick this treatment, you are avoiding the need for the removal of extra tooth structure. Keeping on top of your oral hygiene means that your improved teeth can last for years!

Caring for your teeth after treatment

In order for the procedure to last for years, you must brush your teeth often and take care of them the same way you would your natural teeth. It also helps to avoid teeth-staining items such as coffee, curries, and dark berries. Avoid biting your nails or chewing strong items as these may cause more damage!

What Is Composite Bonding?  

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