Incognito And All You Need To Know

Incognito Weybridge or lingual braces are becoming more and more popular in the orthodontic world and it’s not difficult to see why.

These are the only braces on the market that truly offer a completely invisible look, as well as the functionality to resolve very complex orthodontic issues.

They do come with a price tag and unfortunately aren’t yet available through the NHS, but for those wanting to straighten their smile as an adult, they can offer a real lifeline.

Incognito And All You Need To Know
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What is Incognito?

Incognito Weybridge is the brand name of one particular lingual brace. This is a fixed wire brace that, rather than sitting on the outside of the teeth, is fixed to the inside of the teeth, making them invisible to people.

They are custom-made for each patient and consist of fixed archwires, brackets, and bonding trays. If you imagine traditional wire braces and then just move them to the inside of the teeth you’ll have a pretty good idea of how they’ll look.

Why are they so popular?

Of course, the main reason as already mentioned is that they are practically invisible, which is appealing to people at all stages of life. For those people who may feel slightly more self-conscious about teeth straightening, especially younger people, they offer a subtle alternative.

And for adults working in customer-facing and professional roles, they enable them to continue their work without fears of people noticing or distracting from their work.

They also have practical benefits in that you don’t need to remove them when you eat or drink, you just need to be aware of not eating anything super crunchy or chewy as you could damage the wires.

They’re also extremely capable as an appliance and can address issues that perhaps Invisalign or other types of clear aligners can’t.

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Really the drawbacks are all practical elements that need to be taken control of by the patient. Firstly with the nature of them being a fixed fitting just as with traditional braces, patients need to seriously be on top of their oral hygiene as it’s very easy to start developing gum disease and decay if the areas around the braces, particularly the gum line, aren’t being cleaned properly every day. Making sure patients have the correct tools to enable good daily cleaning is key.

In the early stages you might have some soreness and rub from the plates against the gum and tongue, this in most cases subsides as the body gets used to the wired being there, but again this can easily be managed by patients if they use orthodontic putty to help soften hard areas. This is available through online stores and most chemists.

Incognito is currently one of the more expensive types of orthodontic treatment on the market, but with such stand-out features, it’s clear as to why.

When looking at the benefits that straight teeth have both psychologically and mentally on patients it’s much easier to understand the cost. Of course, there are now lots of payment plans and interest-free options available as well.


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