How To Throw A Social Distance Baby Shower

In this pandemic season, having a baby can be extremely stressful. Aside from the pregnancy stress, you may also be worried about keeping you and your baby safe from the coronavirus.

And that brings us to our topic of discussion, you might also be unhappy that you won’t be able to have a traditional baby shower. If that is your case, then you need not worry.

Just because you can’t throw a traditional baby shower doesn’t mean you can’t throw a baby shower at all. You can have a social distance baby shower.

Although a baby shower is not as crucial as our health, it does contribute to the parents-to-important be’s memories.

There are tons of inventive social distance baby shower ideas springing up during this social distance season, and they’re all here to stay. These baby shower ideas for people who live far apart work together to keep you safe from harm.

To help you have a stress-free baby shower, here are some great social distance baby shower ideas.

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Social distance baby shower ideas

Drive-by baby shower

It’s very lovely and time-saving to have a drive-by baby shower. The most critical aspect of a drive-by baby shower is the venue.

Choosing a location for the event can help in making your baby shower a reality without skipping a beat. Once you’ve found a lovely location with plenty of parking and easy access, you’re ready to begin.

After you’ve decided on a place for the baby shower, the following step is to send out invitations. It would have been a fantastic idea to send invitation cards.

However, there are numerous ways to have a paperless post during this season of social distance. Emails or phone calls can be used to do this. Make sure to show your delight in your invitation.

Make it clear in your invitation that the baby shower is a drive-by affair. Make sure to include instructions on how to bring and wear a nasal mask, as well as the importance of bringing hand sanitizer to the baby shower in your invitation.

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The place and timing of the baby shower should also be specified on the invitation. Despite the fact that we are in the midst of a pandemic, you can still use your invitation to give your guests a taste of the numerous baby shower themes.

This will give them ideas for your theme and encourage people to engage in at least one of the activities, such as hanging balloons from their cars. In this pandemic, doing all of these things will make you have a memorable baby shower.

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Virtual baby shower

Just because we’re in quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the baby shower tradition.

In this pandemic season, it is the safest baby shower to have. It also guards you against coming into contact with individuals who have contact cases.

The virtual baby shower allows everyone to share their thoughts in a safe environment. Include baby shower games where everyone gets to guess something about the baby, such as the baby’s delivery time, the color of the baby’s eye or hair to make your baby shower more thrilling and interesting.

As a result of the pandemic, a slew of virtual platforms has sprung up that you may use to conduct any gathering or celebration you desire.

When selecting a virtual platform, you should look for one that can accommodate a big number of users.

You can hold your baby shower on a virtual platform like Zoom or Google Hangout. Other methods, such as WhatsApp video calls or Skype, are also available.

After you’ve chosen a platform for your virtual baby shower, the next step is to send out invitations. This can be done through emails or phone calls.

The date, time, and location of the baby shower should all be included in the invitation. This would allow you to gather all of your guests at the same time.

You don’t have to give up your creative abilities just because you’re in quarantine. With this, you may astound your virtual guests.

You have the option of making a drink or a mocktail. This would encourage your guests to participate in the virtual baby shower in a big way. Give each and every attendee on your guest list a chore to complete ahead of time.

How To Throw A Social Distance Baby Shower

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