Solutions For Crooked Teeth

Do you have misaligned teeth? Maybe instead you have gapped teeth or teeth which are overcrowded. Along with cosmetic preferences, there are possible dental health problems that can be caused or exacerbated by misalignment.

If you are looking to correct crooked teeth it is likely that you wish to find a local dentist who provides braces in Liverpool.

Most dentists are pleased to offer several possible options to help address misalignment.

Solutions For Crooked Teeth
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Fixed braces

Fixed braces are possibly the most widely known solution to help to straighten one’s teeth. They work through the mechanism of a series of brackets, most commonly made out of metal, attached to the teeth.

Once these have been fixed onto the teeth a wire can be clipped onto the brackets. Over time this wire can be tightened to facilitate the movement of a patient’s teeth.

Ceramic brackets (which are white in color) are a more modern option and are growing in popularity. These may be less noticeable to those around you as the brackets more closely match a natural tooth color.

Similarly, to the metal brackets, a wire is clipped on to facilitate tooth movement. Dentists can also offer clear wires which can be paired with ceramic brackets.

These wires help to mask the appearance of the fixed braces, therefore increasing the likelihood that they will go unnoticed by friends or colleagues.

Along with brackets and wires, elastic bands may be used to help to secure the wire into place. Bands may also be used in circumstances that require the jaw position to be corrected.

This is on a case-by-case basis and would only be decided in consultation with your dentist.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are another method that may be used in order to straighten your teeth. Unlike fixed braces, clear aligners can be removed for the purpose of eating and teeth cleaning.

It is important that these are worn for the recommended amount of time per day in order to realign the teeth properly.

These removable aligners are a series of separate braces, each slightly different from the previous one, thus encouraging gentle movement from the initial position toward a straighter smile.

Clear aligners are tailor-made to fit the patient’s teeth, allowing for greater comfort and a more secure feel.

Because they are created using clear plastic, they are less noticeable to those around you. They are a popular choice with professionals.

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Why should I strive for straighter teeth?

Increased confidence may be a common effect of straightening one’s teeth, but it is by no means the only benefit.

As previously mentioned, there are issues which can be caused or exacerbated through various forms of misalignment.

Decay caused by plaque build-up is one such problem, and the straightening of a patient’s teeth can be helpful in combatting this due to hard-to-reach areas becoming easier to clean.

Wear and tear from teeth grinding together can also be addressed through the use of braces, thus extending the life of your natural teeth.

For more information on the treatments which are on offer contact your preferred dentist. Dentists are only too happy to answer queries and help you on your way to a straighter smile.


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