Upgrade To A Stunning Smile With Clear Braces Clapham

If you’re on the lookout for an effective teeth straightening solution, you may want to consider clear braces Clapham as your orthodontic solution of choice.

Contrary to traditional metal braces, which are easily visible, these braces offer a discreet alternative with the same incredible results.

Upgrade To A Stunning Smile With Clear Braces Clapham
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Correct a variety of dental issues thanks to clear braces

One of the most common dental problems patients may experience is misaligned or crooked teeth; however, thanks to the advances in modern dentistry today, there are a few effective orthodontic solutions on the market, including the likes of Invisalign and clear braces.

Not only are they able to straighten misaligned teeth, but they can also improve digestion, strengthen your bite, and correct underbites and overbites.

Patients with overcrowded or overlapping teeth may want to consider a teeth straightening method because overcrowding may increase their risk of developing cavities or gum disease.

Patients may find that they have inflamed gums or tooth sensitivity as a result, while other common symptoms include bad breath and tooth chipping.

The good news is that clear braces offer an effective way of straightening teeth to help lower the risk of these dental problems from occurring again.

Boost your self-confidence with an upgraded smile

For many people, a smile is the first feature they notice when meeting someone new. If you feel embarrassed about having misaligned teeth or a gap in your smile, it may negatively impact your self-esteem, causing you to lose confidence in yourself and your abilities.

In turn, this could make you shy away from social activities and limit interactions with family members and friends.

Clear braces offer patients a simple solution to help straighten teeth so that they can enjoy an upgraded smile with improved self-confidence.

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Enjoy a variety of foods without worrying about restrictions

Do you suffer from a weak bite force? Are there certain foods you are unable to enjoy as a result of your malocclusion? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to consider clear braces to correct your smile.

Thanks to clear braces, you will no longer have to limit your food choices and can enjoy everything from steak to popcorn to corn on the cob.

Simply remove your aligners before meal times, and you can have the freedom to enjoy your favourite dishes without hesitation.

See results in as little as 12 months

One of the many advantages of choosing clear braces is the short treatment plan. Patients can look forward to seeing results in as little as 12 months, while traditional fixed braces can take up to 24 months before any major changes are noticed.

Removable aligners such as Invisalign require patients to only wear their aligners for around 20 hours a day, leaving them with a couple of hours each day to enjoy a meal and brush their teeth without the aligners in place.

Clear braces also require fewer trips to your local dentist for check-ups and tightening, so you can look forward to having less disruption to your usual routine should you decide to opt for this orthodontic solution.


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