Nail Design Ideas For Christmas 2023

As Christmas approaches, many people have already begun to prepare their homes for the holiday. With festive Christmas decorations throughout the house and preparations for Christmas shopping.

But getting your home ready for Christmas isn’t the only thing you can do; you can also get some seasonal looks to really get into the spirit. Fun ugly Christmas sweaters and, of course, some stunning Christmas nail designs are must-haves.

Christmas 2021 nails
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Choosing a christmas nail design


One of the things to consider while choosing Christmas nail designs is the nail color. Because it’s Christmas, you can use classic red, green, and white colors. If you don’t want to go with the usual colors, try blue, pink, or any other exciting and vibrant hue that corresponds to the season.

Rose gold is a really fashionable color right now, and it will be ideal for the holidays. Blue, pink, gold, purple, lilac, and silver nail colors are some of the others you can wear this Christmas.

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Christmas nail designs

You also have to find the nail design you will want to have for the Christmas season. There are so many different designs you can opt for. Since Christmas is in winter, you can have winter nail designs like snowflakes, or sweater patterns.

You can also go for designs that have to do with the Christmas season. This includes; candy cane design, Christmas tree, or even Christmas ornament nails. The choices are endless.

Here are some designs you might want to consider.

Christmas tree nail design

Is it even Christmas without a tree? So yes, a Christmas tree nail design is definitely one way to go. And you can do this in so many different ways. If you are good at drawing, then with a tiny nail brush, you can draw a Christmas tree on your nail.

But if that isn’t something you can do, not to worry, you can still have a Christmas nail design. All you have to do is to use the nail brsh to draw on a spiral in the shape of a tree and voila, a Christmas tree nail, and to make it even more stunning, top it with a star.

Christmas 2021 nails
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Christmas 2021 nails
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Penguin nail designs

As we embrace the festive season, one trend that has gained immense popularity among nail enthusiasts is the adorable penguin nail art. With its inherent cuteness, these little creatures have been taking over social media platforms and nail salons alike.

Penguin nails have become a go-to choice for individuals seeking a fun and playful manicure. These whimsical designs feature charming penguins painted onto the nails, often accompanied by snow, glitter, or winter-themed backgrounds. The combination of the penguins’ distinctive black and white color scheme alongside their joyful expressions creates an undeniably adorable and eye-catching aesthetic.

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Christmas 2021 nails
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Snowflakes nails

Snowflakes are not only beautiful to look at, but they also perfectly capture the spirit of winter and the holiday season. Whether you want a delicate and intricate hand-drawn design or a quick and easy sticker application, snowflakes will provide a touch of elegance and charm to your holiday nails.

Hand-drawn snowflake designs may seem daunting at first, but with a steady hand and some practice, you can create stunning nail art that will impress everyone. Start with a base coat of your favorite Christmassy nail color, such as bright red, deep green, or even a shimmering gold or silver. Once the base has dried, use a white nail polish with a thin brush or a specialized nail art pen to draw your snowflakes.

If you’re feeling artistic, you can create unique and intricate designs including various snowflake shapes, sizes, and patterns. Add a touch of sparkle by using a glittery polish or by applying a top coat with some fine glitter particles. This will give your snowflake design an extra festive touch, resembling the sparkling snowflakes we see during winter.

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Sweater nails

To bring the beauty of your sweater nail designs to life, you’ll need a 3D gel paint set (this nail varnish is thicker than conventional nail lacquer), washing solution, dip nail color, and a nail curing light.

To make your sweater nails, first, paint your nail with 3D gel polish, then draw on the design of your favorite sweaters with a little nail brush. There are so many different sweater patterns to choose from, and you can make any of them.

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Christmas ornaments nails

You can also choose Christmas ornaments nail designs. It’s Christmas after all. You can use Christmas balls, candy cane amongst others. It’s Christmas, get creative with your nails

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