29 Lovely Valentine Nails For 2022

Whether you are looking forward to a date this Valentine’s day or you are just going to stay at home with a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in another, a beautiful Valentine nail design is a must. See below for some Valentine’s nail designs you can do.

Valentine nails for 2022

Valentine nails for 2022
Image credit – nails.bytam

Heart and kisses. For this nail design, paint all your nails with grey nail polish and then paint a heart and kisses on your nails with colorful nail polish in different colors.

Image credit – nailsbyguera

Just because it is Valentine’s day, let your nails do the talking. Draw some hearts on your nails and write some cute things on them, Like “luv, kiss me, ILY”, etc.

Valentine nails for 2022
Image credit – nailsyo__

This nail design is a twist on french tips nails but the whites aren’t just on the tips alone, they are at the sides too. And the middle part has kisses in glitter.

Image credit – paula.nailsart

The classic red for Valentine’s nails but with an accent nude nail with tiny hearts.

Image credit – bhambnails

If you love lace nails, then this nail design is what you should do this Valentine’s day.

Valentine nails for 2022
Image credit – kingofniail

Pink for Valentine? Yes, and make it extra long. But really, they don’t have to be this long if you are not comfortable with them. But if you are sure you can still get things done with nails this long, then go for it.

Image credit – damariss_nailzz

Pink, glitter, ombre, hearts, and stiletto – the perfect combo for Valentine’s nail design.

Image credit – nailsxev

For this nail design, you are going to need nude nail polish, red glitter polish, and red heart stickers.

Image credit – _vipnailclub_

Blue for Valentine’s day? Yes, you can absolutely do blue nails for Valentine’s day. If you don’t want red, then any color can do for your Valentine nails, but don’t forget to include hearts.

Valentine nails for 2022
Image credit – _nailsbyalexa

For this nail design, the pinky is painted with a red chrome nail polish, the ring and index finger are nude with little heart stickers, and the middle finger is painted with a red glitter polish with large flakes.

Valentine nails for 2022
Image credit – paznokcie_malami

This nail design is for pastel lovers. Pastel colors can be used for any occasion including Valentine’s day.

Image credit – hachiko.__

If you are considering white nails for Valentine’s day, then this nail design is what you should do.

Image credit – overglowedit

Here we have a french tips nail design with red tips and an accent nail with little hearts.

Image credit – rackstarnails

This is a minimal Valentine nail design with hearts.

Image credit – valsfinestbeauty

Want to add glamor to your Valentine’s nail design? Then accessorize it with some glitter and rhinestones.

Valentine nails for 2022
Image credit – sarahsgelnails

This combination of red and nude nails is just so gorgeous.

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Image credit – soomissthang

How gorgeous are these pink glitter tips?

Image credit – sculptedbymaira
Image credit – madnails.ut
Image credit – nailsbyangell__

Long french tips but with hearts

Image credit – nailconceptspurbliss

This is a stunning pink ombre nail design. That is deeper from the thumb and gets lighter with each nail after that.

Image credit – nails_jazzy

Why go for one nail design when you can have different nail designs on each nail. Here we have a combination of solid nail color and clear nail designs. And the nails are accessorized with some round and heart-shaped nail rhinestones.

Image credit – annassnailss

To do this nail, paint all your nails with brown nail polish and let dry. Then using a nail brush draw on the hearts. Do note that the design uses different shades of pink for the hearts.

Image credit – nailss_by_yessyy

For the ladies who prefer extra long nails, this nail design is the one for you.

Image credit – rmnailtech

This nail design isn’t just beautiful but it’s also practical. They are short and you can simply do all that you have to do without any trouble. Paint all the nails pink and then paint some little white and red hearts on them.

Image credit – pinkdollynails

Another take on french tips nails but with little pink hearts because it’s Valentine’s day.

Image credit – amybeautyschool_corona

This is a simple yet beautiful nail design for Valentine’s day. You can have the design painted on or you can simply use nail stickers for this. Either way, it will come out great.


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