6 Chic Active Wears To Motivate You

We all know staying active is very essential for our well being. Yet it is one thing that most of us barely do and we use all sorts of excuses. But did you know that just an outfit can change your attitude towards working out?

Below are active wears from socialEras that will surely motivate you to workout everyday. To make purchasing of any of these easy for you, you can download the socialEras app and use the coupon code theglossychic514 for a discount when you checkout. You can also simply click on the outfit and purchase directly from their website.

1. Tank top and Hi-waist Leggings

yoga tank top
Swiftly tech Racerback
Olympian Hi-waist Leggings

This active wear tank top and leggings are comfortable to wear. It will be very difficult to stretch or workout in an outfit that isn’t comfortable or breathable. With this outfit, you can stretch or jog or run without any fear of ripping it.

2. UV Tech hoodie with mirage fabric

This hoodie can be worn for pre workout warm up. Or can be worn on top of your workout outfit if you are going to the gym. You can also workout in it when the weather is a bit cold. So if you are too cold to workout, just put on this hoodie.

3. Deep grey jazzy sports bra and leggings

This sports bra gives you the perfect support when you are working out. So you can jump, run, jog and do anything you want to.

4. Pink Jazzy sports bra and leggings

5. Gradient yoga top and soft azure leggings

This top isn’t just comfortable, it is really cute too. And it’s perfect for yoga or pilates or just working out. The leggings is also super soft and keeps you dry as you workout.

6. Pocketed tank bra

If you are the type of person who likes to workout and listen to music at the same time, then this tank bra is perfect for you. It comes with a back pocket that your phone can fit perfectly into.

Use the code theglossychic514 at checkout for a discount.

You can also download the SocialEras app here to make shopping more convenient for you.

chic active wears to motivate you

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