Invisalign Discreet Dental Treatment

Unfortunately, not all of us are born with lovely straight teeth and we may require some dental work to correct a particular problem. Invisalign St John’s Wood is here to help by offering a treatment that is far removed from the traditional braces used decades ago.

Many of us can probably remember the child at school who had to wear a metal apparatus on their teeth which looked uncomfortable. They worked but they were not the most attractive things to wear.

They have improved dramatically over the years and they are now more efficient and comfortable. But the latest braces are far more discreet and pleasant to wear.

The magic of technology

We can but wonder what people living in the middle ages would make of the amazing inventions we have the pleasure of using today. Technology and dental science have combined together to bring us a variety of appliances that are designed to correct a number of dental misalignment problems.

Invisalign aligners

The latest innovations are referred to as aligners and they are designed to achieve the same results as braces but using a slightly different technique.

In days gone by it was necessary to take a dental impression using dental putty. Now by using an optical scanner that is passed over your teeth a copy of your teeth as a picture is produced. This process produces a more accurate result and is a lot more comfortable.

In this new tech age, this picture format is far easier and quicker to transfer electronically. Using the same optical scanner we will be able to produce a picture of how your teeth meet, giving us an accurate view of your bite. We can also produce a complete panoramic X-ray of your mouth and jawbone to assess the health of your teeth and jaw.

Invisalign will need at least a series of eight pictures of your mouth, including the front and side pictures of your face. They will also require front and side pictures of your face with your teeth closed as well as close-ups of your top and bottom dental arches. This procedure is very thorough and will take at least one hour to complete.

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Creating your aligners

All your information that has been gathered is then electronically sent to the Invisalign laboratory which will create a 3D model. They will then produce a virtual model which you can view to see how you will look after treatment.

All this incredible software allows you to see the results of your treatment before it even begins. They will explain to you how many aligners you will need to wear and if any buttons or attachments are necessary. These aligners are referred to as trays.

The laboratory will produce your trays which are specifically designed for your treatment. They will fit your first tray and explain that you must wear each tray for at least twenty-two hours per day. You may remove them to eat, drink and brush and floss your teeth.

Each tray will need to be worn for about three weeks before the next aligner can be fitted. The total duration of the treatment is dependent on your condition and can be anything from six months to a year or longer.

Final steps

Once your treatment has ended you will be fitted with a final aligner which needs to be worn for a few weeks while your teeth settle into their new position. Once that period is over you will be able to display your broad, confident smile to the world.

Invisalign Discreet Dental Treatment

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